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Your company products and services are remarkable.
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The added value of "a touch of class" is becoming a vital success factor, giving access and maintaining the fidelity of the most appealing and demanding customers.
The mission of Mark & Period is to fulfill this need, importing to the United States new lines of Italian designed products, created by prominent Italian names.
This year we have introduced the lines of promotional products by Gianfranco Ferré, Nazareno Gabrielli, Egon Von Furstenberg and Nautic Sport.
Our classic Baimex-Italy line of products offers hundreds of premium gifts such as fancy and amazing radios, calculators, backpacks, pens and much more. These products can be personalized with  Company logos.
With these lines of products, we can provide the better solution for every budget, even competing in price with Asian products, offering far superior and more appealing solutions

4314 Redwood Highway # 200
San Rafael, CA 94903

phone: (415) 499-1523
    fax: (915) 499-0913 

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